Here’s what people are saying about KISS!

I just find it interesting that their version of simple includes dependency-tracking package management but excludes Spanish.

Just wanted to say this looks kickass. It is way easier to tear things down than to build them.

As a person who speaks Swedish, I feel that I must point out that “getkiss” translates to “goat pee.”

I was looking for something like this actually, I thought I would finally have to warm up to BSD if I wanted an OS that I have some hope of understanding fully.

Ooh, this is one of those artisan, hand-crafted websites! I’ll have to post this to my Instagram. I once met an old web developer in the south of France who would wash the bytes by hand before uploading them to his server. Said it was a family tradition passed down for generations.

New logo needed. The chopped off head is bad luck in parts of Asia.

I’ve got a basic installation done! It was actually quite simple! Not much is set up, but getting the base down was arguably simpler than Arch, and far simpler than Gentoo. I’m not really familiar with Busybox, or musl at all, so this should be fun!

Keep making the biggest problem of Linux bigger, please… Yeah, this problem is “fragmentation”, and it is not solved with “simplicity”.

Oh this touches something deep in me.

“This distribution has no default desktop or window manager environment.” - goes to prove that “simple” doesn’t mean “easy to use”…

This sounds awesome and very interesting. Going to have try this on one of my spare laptops….

Just what we need, another Linux distribution. Spread the effort even more thinly.

Saw a link for this linux distribution, and I’ve gotta say, the sexy logo makes this probably not appropriate for adoption in a professional environment. Nerds: read the goddamn room

I spent some time on their website, and this really is a wonder distribution.

Literally the opposite of KISS. At lest don’t use hypocritical excuses for your crusades.

Hi! I just wanted to let you know that, while the name is funny enough in English, it gets even better in Swedish: “kiss” is a synonym for “piss”, and even the website translates to goatpiss.org. Have a nice day!

KISS Linux is a really interesting effort and a sign, IMO, of a healthy ecosystem, so I commend Dylan and other contributors for their efforts. Great to hear about the aarch64/ppc64le support too!

Ok, what’s your point. You have have musl and libc on a system. Not to mention the developer of kids is a outspoken anti systemd fud spreader.