An independent Linux® distribution with a focus on simplicity and the concept of “less is more”. The distribution targets only the x86-64 architecture and the English language.




This distribution follows the KISS principle (Keep it Simple Stupid).

A distribution being “simple” has many different interpretations. It may mean simple to use, simple to develop or simple in its implementation. Further, the phrase “simple to use” may differ from person to person.

Users with prior knowledge of Linux and basic programming skills will find this distribution simple in all three examples given above. A user without prior knowledge may see this distribution as the exact opposite.

The more code and documentation one adds to a project, the more time it takes to maintain it and the risk of things going awry rises. Code is weight and the focus should be on keeping it light.

Less is more

This distribution uses less software where possible and follows the belief that the less software and code running the less error prone the system will be overall.

The absence of software from the repositories does not mean it cannot be installed. Any user can further package whatever is preferred, else use third-party repositories.

It is easier to add things to a system than it is to remove them. Providing only a minimal base, users can then extend this distribution to meet their individual needs.

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